Wednesday, 31 March 2010

3. What have you learned from your audience feedback?

From what people have said about my music video, i feel that because i only had one setting for my music video, i should have taken alot more shots from more angles, to justify the fact that there was no storyline going on.
There was debate on whether i should have gone ahead and filmed a storyline aswel as a performance; a few people said that they would have prefered to see a storyline just to give the video a little something extra, BUT on the other hand most people agreed that the video got across the connotaions and ideology of the band that i was going for.

For my digipack i used 3 different images. I realise now how important it is that the images 'go' together, beacause the first 3 images i used where all really nice photos that accentuated the ideology's wanted when they were seperate photos, but unfortunately when you put them all together they just didnt fit, and it didnt do the images or digipack any justice as a whole.

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